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Discover glamping with Lantern & Larks.

Enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends, explore fantastic surroundings and relax in all the comfort of home. Our luxury canvas retreats provide the ideal get-away for adventurous children, romantic breaks or family fun; kitted out to the highest quality and situated in idyllic corners of the British countryside.

Glamping with kids: Let your kids go wild - in style!

Children of all ages will enjoy the glamping experience

Life under canvas - fun for all ages.

As children, for many of us camping was just about the most exciting thing you could do. Whether just in the garden, or further afield, the exhilaration of being in the great outdoors was incredible. You enjoyed a new sense of freedom, could run around just for the joy of it, toast marshmallows on an open fire, and were allowed to stay up chatting all night if you wanted. Of course, all that fresh air and exercise meant you never made it past 10pm, but that wasn't the point!

As you get older, though, camping can lose its allure. We're often put off by the idea of putting a tent up (only to discover you're missing a few pegs), lying in a sleeping bag on the cold hard floor and eating baked beans for five nights in a row. Not to mention having to escort the children to the loos, which are half a mile away, in the middle of the night.

Camping holidays made easy

How can you possibly recreate the adventures you had as a child when you yourself don't want to go camping again? It's an adventure for them; but, thanks to the high specification of Lantern & Larks' tents, furnishings and equipment, it's now easy and enjoyable for you, too.

You don't have to worry about putting up a tent (or taking it back down for that matter); you all get to sleep in proper beds in proper bedrooms; and the cooking facilities mean all meals will consist of far more than just baked beans. There'll be no hikes to the toilets either - each tent has its own shower and WC. All you need to bring is yourselves - plus maybe a few toys for the youngsters. Everyone is welcome, babies and toddlers to teenagers. Glamping with children is a great way to spend quality time with them in the great outdoors. Forget technology, this really is a wonderful way to spend time together as a family.

Beautiful locations

Every one of our campsites is situated in a gorgeous part of Britain's glorious countryside. Although you'll be away from it all, there will be lots of things to see and do nearby. You may spend your holiday days at the beach, exploring country houses or visiting quaint towns and villages. Maybe you'll do all three!

In the evening, you can tell stories around the campfire whilst toasting marshmallows. Why not share some tales about what you got up to on your childhood camping holidays?

Lantern & Larks' luxury tents give you a chance to rediscover the fun of camping, without all the fuss. One thing we can definitely promise is that the kids will love it. This holiday won't just be a new adventure for them; it will be new for you too.

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