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Fire Pit Food: Berry Baked Apples

Posted by Luci Ackers on Sep 15, 2015

Make the most of your firepit and create a comforting pudding ideal for cosy evenings outdoors.

This recipe is a great one for glampers because you're likely to find the two essential ingredients on site. Simply stuff a cooking apple full of blackberries and cook in foil until golden. It'll come out bursting with flavours

This simple yet effective dessert allows you to really embrace your autumnal surroundings and indulge in this aromatic season...

Thanks to the Cool Camping Cookbook, 2nd edn. (Punk Publishing) for the recipe and photos.


Berry Baked Apples

An autumnal favourite, especially if the apples have been recently hoiked from their tree and the blackberries are freshly picked. If you’ve got some cinnamon to hand, that’d just be extra-cosy.

Serves 4


4 cooking apples

Ground cinnamon (optional)

2 handfuls of blackberries

Cream, to serve (optional)


Score a line around the waist of the apple to prevent it from splitting and exploding. Partially core it, leaving about 1cm of apple at its base. Sprinkle over a little cinnamon, if you have any, then fill the hole by squishing in as many blackberries as possible. Wrap the lot in foil and rest in the embers of the campfire. Cook for 20 minutes, turning the foil-wrapped apples regularly.

When ready, the apple should be a golden-brown, giving up fluffy, crimson-stained flesh. Carefully unwrap and serve with lots of cream, if you like, and any leftover blackberries.


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Luci Ackers - author for Lantern & Larks
Author: Luci Ackers

Luci loves getting out and about for a good cycle ride or easy-going walks in the countryside, and thoroughly enjoyed the time she previously spent working for the National Trust. Her love of writing started from a young age and on rainy days nothing beats curling up in a secret corner with a good book.

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