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Terms and Conditions

1. Lantern & Larks Ltd

Your holiday is run by Lantern & Larks Ltd. We will not be bound by obvious errors in our printed material or online. Should you want any further clarification about our terms of business then please write to us or email us at the designated address in 20 below.

2. Bookings

When you submit a booking via our online reservation system you will receive an automatically generated booking summary and confirmation by email to the email address you provide in the booking form. However your booking is made, a contract will only arise when your booking is confirmed in writing via a confirmation sent to you by post or email. Lantern & Larks Ltd only accepts bookings from persons aged 25 years or over. We reserve the right to refuse any booking at our own discretion.

3. Confirmation

When you make a booking, you do so on behalf of yourself and all members of your party and the booking is confirmation of understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions by you and each member of your party.

4. Your Tent

Tents are available from 4 pm on the first day of your holiday. Tents should be left clean and tidy by 10.00 am on the day you are due to leave.

Included in the rental of your tent is use of and access to the site and the grounds surrounding the tents, water, parking and VAT where applicable. We do NOT include rubbish collection from the tents, placing refuse in sacks or taking to the refuse area, washing up of cutlery and crockery.

5. Prices

Our prices vary depending on many factors including time of booking. Only prices stated on the booking confirmation are binding. We occasionally offer special offers and discounts but these will not be applied retrospectively after a booking confirmation has been issued by us.

6. Payments

All bookings are subject to a 30% non-refundable booking deposit. An invoice for the full Rental charge less the deposit already paid will be issued and payable 10 weeks before departure. Vat at the applicable rate is included in all charges. All cheques should be payable to Lantern and Larks Ltd and sent to us at the designated address in 20 below. Please note that cheques are only accepted for payment if received by us more than 10 weeks before the start of your holiday. Otherwise payment must be made by credit or debit card. If you do not pay any invoiced amount within 2 weeks of the due date (or, if earlier, before the start date of the holiday) the contract shall be deemed to be cancelled by you and any monies already paid shall be forfeited with any further amounts due under our cancellation policy payable in addition. In the case of bookings made less than 10 weeks before the commencement of the holiday the rental charge is payable in full on booking. Full payment must then be made by credit or debit card.

7. Group bookings

We do accept adult only large group bookings but the whole site must be booked out. With adult only large group bookings we require a security deposit of £1,000 per large booking, this will be refunded within 7 days of your departure.

If your party is a small adult only booking during our family periods (school holidays) we will give you a call to discuss your small adult only booking.

8. Multiple Tent booking and damage/cleaning bonds

Multiple tent bookings of 3 or more tents can lead to more frequent occurrences of damage to fittings and equipment and to tents being left untidy and requiring additional cleaning. For this reason we require a bond of £50 per tent for such multiple bookings. This must be provided at least 21 days prior to arrival by credit or debit card. In the event that a bond is not provided your holiday may be treated by us as cancelled by you and your rental payment retained/claimed by us in line with our cancellation policy. Bond payments will be refunded to the relevant credit/debit card within 5 days of the end of your holiday if no extra cleaning or excess damage has occurred.

9. Dogs

We welcome well behaved dogs at our sites but they are located in farmland and open country-side with a variety of livestock. Public Roads may not be far away so if you cannot control your dog, it might be better to leave it at home. Some of our sites have free range livestock and game in some areas. Dogs should not be allowed to upset or injure any of the local inhabitants, including these animals and other guests. When close to farm animals, dogs must be kept on leads or similar restraints at all times. They must never be left in a tent without responsible supervision. We do not allow dogs on beds. You are responsible for dogs at all times. We will not be held liable should any misfortune befall them or injury or damage be caused by them. We reserve the right to request that any dog is placed on a lead or similar restraint at all times when not in a tent or in a vehicle and accompanied by an owner. We reserve the right to terminate the holiday of any party if adequate control of a dog is not possible

10. Changes to your booking

If you want to make a significant change to your holiday then we may charge for the changes. Once we have issued confirmation of your holiday, we are not obliged to make any changes. We will do our best to assist where the change is an upgrade to a more expensive holiday. Charges will apply to changes to a less expensive booking.

To cover for accidents, illness, bereavement and transport difficulties as well as extreme weather conditions and other circumstances which may prevent you taking your holiday or curtail it, we strongly advise that you have valid annual holiday insurance in place that will provide suitable cover. If you have to cancel or change your booking or curtail your holiday due to any such circumstances we do not make refunds or guarantee transfers but will assist with documentation for processing your claim with your chosen holiday insurance provider.

11. Our cancellation policy

If you decide to cancel more than 10 weeks before the start of your holiday, your deposit will be forfeited. If you cancel within 10 weeks of your holiday starting then the entire rental amount will be payable. If you decide to terminate your holiday early, no refunds will be given

Any cancellation made by you for whatever reason must be in writing or by email and addressed to us at our designated address in 20 below.

12. Non-Availability

the unlikely event that your booked holiday becomes unavailable following confirmation of the booking or changes are necessary to the booking for reasons outside our control, we undertake to notify you as soon as reasonably possible. If it is not possible to arrange alternative accommodation or if you do not wish to accept the alternative accommodation, the booking will be cancelled with a full refund of all monies paid, and we shall not have any further obligation or liability for non-availability, changes or cancellation as referred to in this condition.

13. Arrival and departure

Check-In time is between 4pm and 6pm. We strongly recommend you arrive prior to 6pm but should you be unable to arrive within these times, you can arrange a late-check-in under the “optional extras”, available up to 9pm. There is a charge for this service. Please re-confirm by email your estimated arrival times 4 days prior to arrival to ensure your tent is ready. You must vacate your tent by 10.00 am on the morning of your departure. You should remove all rubbish to the refuse bin area, and leave all the washing up completed on the sideboard.

14. Site Rules and Regulations

So that your stay and that of fellow guests is as pleasant as possible, all guests must keep to the site rules of behaviour, as laid out in the site welcome pack. In particular, please refrain from making high levels of noise after 9pm. Generally you should behave in a considerate and safe manner in regard to the site and fellow guests and ensure that fire pits are at least 5 metres from tents. No music should be played without the direct permission of the site manager.

Vehicles should never be driven up to the tents unless in an emergency or specific permission has been granted. We provide details of gate lock combinations only for emergencies. We ask that guests report any unauthorised traffic movements to the site manager. Our three bedroom tents can accommodate up to six people and our two bedroom tents can accommodate up to four people. We must be notified of any visitors to your tent during your stay.

In the event that you or any member of your party breach the site rules then we reserve the right to ask you and/or any or all members of your party to leave the site without compensation for the unspent element of the holiday.

15. Force majeure

We cannot be held liable if through Force Majeure completion of our agreement is entirely or partially, temporarily or permanently, prevented due to circumstances which are beyond our control such as fire, flood, extreme hot or cold climatic conditions, stormy weather, gales, snow, civil disorder, threat of war, staff strikes, blockades and other interferences or events beyond the provisions regarding non-availability under 10 above.

16. Liability

We accept no liability for theft, loss or damage, of whatever nature, during or as a result of a stay with us.

You and each member of your party will be jointly and severally liable for all losses or damage that occurs either directly or indirectly as a result of their stay. This includes loss or damage caused by dogs who must be monitored around the site and livestock at all times.

17. If you have a complaint.

We hope you to have an enjoyable stay with us. In the event that there is something that you are not happy about please notify our site manager as soon as possible during your stay. If you are still not satisfied with how matters have been dealt with then you can write to us or email us at the designated address in 20 below within 14 days of departure setting out the details of your complaint.

18. Risks

Our sites are located in open countryside with livestock and farm equipment in close proximity. Children must be supervised at all times. Children should not climb in or on sheds, animal enclosures or other structures around the site. They should be mindful of not straying into areas designated for wildlife, farm enclosures or into streams or woods. If your children leave the area around the tents, they should only do so under parental or parentally approved guidance and supervision.

The stoves in the tents get very hot and especially so at the rear. Guests should be careful around the stoves and closely supervise children and pets around them. The showers are not fitted with an anti-scald facility so children should not use the showers unless supervised by adults within their party.

19. Day visitors

You can receive day visitors during your stay at Lantern & Larks Ltd. No visitors may stay overnight. You must make the site manager aware that visitors will be onsite and we retain the right to ask any visitor to leave the site immediately if we consider it necessary for the safety or comfort of other guests.

20. Designated address

You can write to us as:-
Unit 9, Foundry Place, Burnham Market, PE31 8LG

You can email us at:-

Issue date 06-04-22

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