What is glamping (luxury camping) and is it for me?

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Discover glamping with Lantern & Larks.

Enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends, explore fantastic surroundings and relax in all the comfort of home. Our luxury canvas retreats provide the ideal get-away for adventurous children, romantic breaks or family fun; kitted out to the highest quality and situated in idyllic corners of the British countryside.

Luxury Camping: What is Glamping?

Glamping is a luxury type of camping that includes facilities and accommodation considered far more comfortable than traditional camping. It allows you to enjoy the freedom and closeness to nature that camping affords, without the uncomfortable aspects!

The idea of roughing it during a camping trip might sound appealing if it weren't for the insects and other creepy-crawlies, wild animals, sudden storms, leaking tents, smelly sleeping bags, and questionable food. For a number of people their first camping experience often becomes their last, but there is now a camping option growing in popularity: glamping. Glamping offers the same exposure to the great outdoors as traditional camping, but the amenities found at the campsite - and in the tents themselves - far exceed anything most campers have ever experienced.

Glamping is the luxurious for of camping with all the essentials included
  • Direct access to the countryside
  • Stories and chill-out time around the campfire
  • The soothing sound of rain on your tent (occasionally!)
  • Nature's peaceful soundtrack
  • Time with family and friends
  • Fresh air

Without the worst of camping:

  • Lugging all that equipment
  • Sleeping on lumpy ground
  • Shivering (or sweating)
  • That half-blown-up air mattress
  • Sleeping bags, in general
  • That not-so-waterproof tent when it rains

A brief history of glamping

Born from the early 21st Century a demand for UK holidays grew that provided a camping experience with a hotel twist. Known as 'luxury camping' it soon became known as 'glamping'. People often refer to glamping as 'posh camping' and 'comfortable camping'. Due to its rapid popular growth, glamping covers a huge array of accommodation options including yurts, teepees, treehouses, Shepheard huts and much more. At Lantern and Larks'glampsites, we offer a glamping experience like no other. Luxury and comfort in exclusive locations set in the heart of exquisite beauty and solitude. Somewhere you and your family or friends can enjoy each other's company and a little corner of your private heaven.

The benefits of glamping

Beside those already mentioned, glamping offers you a lot more benefits:

Ecological holidaying

Glamping has the luxuries of a hotel or home but is far more environmentally friendly. There's no carbon footprint from electricity of gas, water systems are ecologically friendly and all the food and provisions provided are sourced locally. By choosing a glamping holiday, you are choosing an environmentally friendly holiday without sacrificing the niceties of a more traditional hotel.

Closer to nature

Just like traditional camping, if you're interested in glamping you clearly want to experience life closer to nature, without actually becoming a part of it! Glamping allows you to do just that. You can have a holiday experience that takes you into the wild, sharing your close environment with the beautiful living things we share our world with every day but seldom witness or reflect upon.

Time well spent with family or friends

When you take yourself away from the normality of everyday life and share that experience with others without electricity, we naturally become closer. You laugh more than you would normally, you share thoughts and talk to each other more than normal. Being outside and being surrounded by the elements will provide the perfect catalyst to be closer with each other. Glamping at Lantern and Larks will be an unforgettable experience that will forge memories you and your fellow glampers will always remember and we suspect, have you visiting us time again.

New adventures

Exploring is a natural human urge especially if you're glamping with kids. A glamping holiday will provide the chance to do just that in a safe environment but within one filled with adventurous opportunity. When was the last time you watched an Osprey catch a fish? Or perhaps built a dam and caught fish in a stream? Lantern and Larks lets you and your family do all this and much more. All you have to do is book your stay!So the next time you reject the idea of a camping holiday, think again. Think Lantern & Larks.The pleasure is in tents.

Our glamping sites

Book a holiday at our Lancashire glamping site

Our Lancashire Glamping Site at Bleasdale in the Forest of Bowland

Within driving distance of both the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District, enjoy a stay at our Bleasdale glamping campsite. Located on private land, set with the beautiful Yorkshire countryside as a backdrop, you'll wish you had booked a longer stay!

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Book a holiday at our Rutland glamping site

Our Rutland Glamping Site at Exton Park in the East Midlands

Spend some time with family, friends or loved ones at our stunning, secluded luxury camping location in Rutland at Exton Park in the East Midlands. Close to a lake and surrounded by trees this site is oozing with nature and tranquility.

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Book a holiday at our Somerset glamping site

Our Somerset Glamping Site in Kittisford Barton

Surrounded by the majestic rolling hills of Somerset's Blackdown Hills near the Quantock Hills and Exmoor, our glamping site in Kittisford makes a perfect getaway. Enjoy some time outdoors in the West Country of the UK with family and friends.

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Book a holiday at our Suffolk glamping site

Our Suffolk Glamping Site at Sweffling Hall

Sweffling Hall lies in a rural triangle between Framlingham to its inland west, coastal Southwold to the north east and seaside Aldeburgh to the south - Suffolk's own golden triangle of fun, adventure and charming discovery.

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