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Discover glamping with Lantern & Larks.

Enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends, explore fantastic surroundings and relax in all the comfort of home. Our luxury canvas retreats provide the ideal get-away for adventurous children, romantic breaks or family fun; kitted out to the highest quality and situated in idyllic corners of the British countryside.
  • Luxury tents with proper comfort
  • Gas powered shower and WC in each tent
  • Log burning stove and double gas hob
  • Beds made up on arrival plus towels
  • Fully equipped kitchen area
  • Use of your own firepit/bbq
  • Unlimited supply of logs
  • Sleeps up to 6 in comfortable beds

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What a lovely weekend
5 / 5 stars Review score
Lantern & Larks - Sweffling Hall, Saxmundham, Suffolk
Our first experience of glamping but not our last! We had a wonderful weekend, the weather definitely helped but what a magical place. Really peaceful and cozy, but just a short drive to the many...
Written by: barryrmunson
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Date published: 27 September 2019

Best place to stay ever!!!
5 / 5 stars Review score
Lantern & Larks - Sweffling Hall, Saxmundham, Suffolk
Stayed here last week. Had a really good time with my family and the kids absolutely loved it. The staff there were very polite and helpful would definitely recommend to anybody. Good value for...
Written by: daleb1991
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Date published: 30 August 2019

Great Holiday, lovely surroundings
4 / 5 stars Review score
Lantern & Larks - Sweffling Hall, Saxmundham, Suffolk
We arrived on Monday 19 August - we have stayed with Lantern and Larks before but last year we stopped at Somerset. We knew what to expect with regard to the accommodation and as we had two large...
Written by: LornaFlint
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Date published: 28 August 2019

Saxmundham, Suffolk

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Sweffling Hall has been rated 5 out of 5 based on 78 customer reviews on TripAdvisor

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What's on-site?

On Site Activities

Sweffling Hall Farm has a selection of trusted activity providers that can be booked before your stay. The activities are to be booked and paid for directly through the providers.

Beachcombing Suffolk Shingle

Beachcombing is a genuine treasure hunt! I can't tell you what you will find but I can guarantee that you will find something. Our local shingle beaches are a rare and fragile habitat and are perfect for beachcombing. Beachcombing sessions are led by Kate (a beachcomber and conservationist).

On a Suffolk beachcomb you might find the egg cases of creatures we never see, glass frosted by the waves, driftwood nibbled by shipworms, as well as sharks’ teeth and other fossils that are millions of years old. Kate has even found a baby woolly mammoth’s tooth!

Kate offers two types of sessions:

  • OFFSITE - Meeting at Sizewell, our local beach, for a bespoke beachcomb with Kate. Taking a closer look at the plants that survive in the shingle, and then beachcombing to find your own treasures which Kate will help you to identify. Sizewell beach is a good location to find pieces of coralline crag containing fossils 1 - 2 million years old. Ending with a chance to look at some more unusual beachcombing finds. Suitable for children 8 and over and adults. For younger children please call Kate to discuss suitability.
    £20 per person/ session. Session lasts two hours. Minimum 2 people.
  • ONSITE - Kate will bring her portable mini beach and the giant beachcombing board game to Sweffling Hall Farm. Suitable for all ages, (including adults!) or those that can’t get to the beach.
    £15 per person/ session. Session lasts 1.5 hours. Minimum 2 people.

Please call Kate on 07512 557 200 and let her know you are staying at Sweffling Hall Farm to book or to discuss the exciting beachcombing possibilities. Discounts available for groups of 6 or more.

Wilson Daly Whittling and Clay sessions

Kids will have fun getting hands on throwing clay on the pottery wheel

Hands on crafting whilst being mindful in our woodland environment

  • Wood Whittling and clay taster session.
    60 minutes of both an introduction to whittling wood and have a go at both using a potters kick-wheel and hand-building techniques. £15 per person (minimum age 7 years – no maximum age)
  • Creating with clay hand-building.
    60 minutes . Explore clay hand-building techniques including slab building, joining clay, coiling and pinching to produce a pot. We will experiment with decorative techniques; impressing, sgcrafitto, intaglio methods and decorating with earth-colours. £15 per person (minimum age 7 years – no maximum age)
  • Throwing a pot on a kick-wheel.
    60 minutes . Enjoying learning how to throw a pot on a wheel. Experiment with centring clay, opening the vessel, lifting the wall, finishing the lip, turning the base and wiring off from the wheel head. £15 per person (minimum age 7 years – no maximum age)
    In this hour session you will learn how to use a straight carving knife safely and make your own knife or fork out of wood. £15 per person (minimum age 7 years – no maximum age)

Children to be accompanied by an adult. To book please email or call 07812 110039. All materials and use of tools are included in the price. At the end of your session you can take your work home to dry. Alternatively you may leave a pot to be fired in my kiln and come and collect it when it's ready.

Bring the Bronze Age to life

Smelt metal in the furnace to cast your own bronze axe

Go back in time with one of these ancient craft courses to make your own souvenir and learn about the bronze age as you create your own beautiful piece to take home!

  • One to One Bronze Casting Experience.
    (2 hours) Explore the world of molten metal and make your own replica Bronze Age axe or knife on this one to one bronze casting workshop. Using a combination of ancient and modern techniques and materials discover the fundamentals of moulding, furnace management and pouring molten metal to create your own Bronze Age replica. Number of participants: 1. Age Limit: 18+. Cost £40
  • Children’s Pewter casting workshop
    Let your Childs creativity flow with this one hour guided workshop. Where they will make a simple mould, using their own design, from cuttlefish (bone using bone, antler and bronze tools) which will then be cast to create their own keepsake. Duration: 1 hour Number of participants: 5 Age Limit: 5+ Cost: £10.

Sessions are led by passionate experimental archaeologist Simon, who is devoted to Learning/re-discovering these ancient skills, to keep them alive and pass them on to future generations. Simon attends a number of events nationally and is very popular within bush craft and re-enactment circles, he also hosts a number of hands on courses on prehistoric bronze casting techniques at Sweffling hall farm. To book please call or text 07802 618958.

Horse and Cart ride

Horse and carriage on-site at Sweffling

Head off on a relaxing gentle jaunt along our country lanes on one of Alde driving’s horse driven cart rides. The rides cater for all- a family tour of the local area, a visit to the local pub for a drink or two or a quiet romantic trip for two. The rides can start from the farm, or you can start from their premises just down the road from us. The price is £50 per carriage ride for up to 5 people. The ride is 1hr 15min long. To book please Call Stephen on 07936 023114 or email

Sweffling Hall Farm Safari!

Come on an exciting safari tour around the farm to look for signs of the secret world of wildlife around you! Sessions are led by zoologist (former zoo keeper), cub scout leader and all-round countryside enthusiast Rachel who is a wealth of knowledge on the wildlife and countryside around us. £10 per person, under 16s to be accompanied by an adult. Tours are apx 1 hours long. To book please email or call 01728 638 057.

Bird spotting farm walk

Bird watching on-site

Have you ever heard a bird singing and wondered what it was? Or saw a bird that you just couldn’t name? This is a very common question we get asked here by many of our guests. Granny Mann (Andrews mother who is a lifelong birding enthusiast) is now offering farm walks to guests to teach them the skills to start deciphering what bird it is from looking and listening! She has a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about birds, wildlife and educating people of all ages. If you have Binoculars please bring them, if not we sell bird watching kits in the honesty shop- which include binoculars in the kit. Sturdy shoes/boots are also a must. Pen and paper for making notes is always handy too. All ages and abilities are welcome.

£10 per adult (14+)
£5 per child 3-14 years.
To book please Call Jenny on 07795 481964 / 01728 604608.

Astronomy Sessions

Starry night sky over tent at Sweffling Hall

A selection of captivating and engaging private astronomy sessions that will leave you inspired and amazed at the sky above us! Led by Paul, an outreach astronomer with over 50 years’ experience and an astrophysics degree. Pauls sessions are always the talk of the campsite the next day and he is particularly brilliant at inspiring the younger children as well as the adults! No minimum or maximum head count. Paul will need apx 1-weeks’ notice ahead of your stay so please do book early. Perfect for couples, families or large group bookings. to book or enquire directly with Paul.

  • Astronomy talk.
    General astronomy, solar systems, planets or any other topic on astronomy you wish to know more about. Includes a slide show. (apx 30-60 minutes) £50
  • Day time telescope session.
    Exploring the sun safely with a specially filtered telescope. Looking at the sun in detail and discussing how the sun works. £50
  • Night time telescope session.
    Usually done in spring and autumn to take advantage of the darker evenings, Paul will give you a laser trip around the sky pointing out stars and constellations whilst you sit back and marvel. £50
  • Astronomy Talk and Telescope session.
    As per sessions above choosing one of either day or night time telescope sessions as well as an astronomy talk. £75

Woodland archery sessions

Woodland archery sessions

No matter what your age, once you get a bow and arrow in your hand surrounded by tall trees and dapples of light- you are no longer in Sweffling- you are in Sherwood forest … Sessions are led by former cub scout archery and air riffle instructor (and all-round countryside enthusiast) Rachel, who spends many an hour at her local archery club with her traditional long bow. She offers two variations on sessions for ages 6 to 13 years old.

  • Introduction to archery WITH making your own woodland bow to take home! 1 hour of learning how to hold the bow as you shoot arrows at the target followed by a walk through the woods with Rachel to find your perfect stick, then back to the top to work with her to make your own bow followed by a few goes at using your bow on the target using both Rachels arrows and straight sticks you find. £15 pp (60 minutes). Children to be accompanied by an adult. To book please email or call 01728 638 057

Botanical being

Introducing you to the world of botanicals using natural resources and mindfully sourced ingredients whilst connecting you with ancient practices for extraction of colour and the healing elements of plants, known for centuries.

Use the plants from the land to die your fabric vibrants colours
  • WildColour workshop.
    Using local and heritage plants making wonderful dyes for yarns and cloth in the Wildcolour woodland kitchen at Sweffling Hall Farm, this workshop is a perfect way to connect with nature and see what colours you can extract from resources in the wild, celebrating unique Suffolk colours. A return to the ancient, respectful and wise relationship with the natural world and our love of textiles. This 2 hour taster session is a wonderful way to spend your time interacting with plants that grow around you, creating dye baths and simmering fibres and fabrics to use in your own projects. Suitable for families and group sizes up to 8. All children must be accompanied by an adult due to the firepit use. All materials are provided.
    £30 per person.
Everyone will enjoy getting involved with the natural dye baths
  • Botanical Print workshop.
    Gathered leaves are used in this workshop, capturing plant alchemy and unique methods of extract the colour and marks made from leaves onto cloth. Using leaves gathered from Sweffling Hall Farm and the Suffolk landscape you will create your own unique piece of fabric to use in your own projects. Learn how to bundle and steam the cloth over an open firepit and discover the magic and healing properties of the plants you use. Maria, from Botanical Being shares her passion for nature and textiles in this unique printing experience. Suitable for families and group sizes up to 8. All children must be accompanied by an adult due to the firepit use. All materials are provided.
    £30 per person.

Led by Maria from Botanical Being, a textile artist and teacher specialising in natural dyeing. Contact Maria for more information and to secure your place on this course. Places need to be booked at least 2 days before. 07788253275

The stone age from Start to Finish

Ray Noakes will lead you on a journey into the prehistoric stone age era. Learn how to live like hunter-gatherers past and present and gain knowledge and respect for the natural world. Try your hand at different stone age disciplines including workshops in the ancient art of hunting by throwing a variety of projectiles including spears, boomerangs and the bolas at targets. All activities will be taught and supervised for a safe and fun environment.

Have a got at using the primative throwing sticks
  • Primitive Projectiles Throwing
    Learn by throwing spears, boomerangs and bolas at specially made targets. £10pp. 30mins. 7+ yrs old
  • Primitive Fish Hook Making
    Carve and attach your own Stone Age fish hook to take home using wood, natural cordage and bone. £10pp. 60mins. 7+ yrs old
  • Spear Making
    Learn how to select the wood, straighten using fire and finish one of the oldest hunting tools there was and decorate and paint in your unique way using natural pigments. £15pp. 30-60mins. 7+ yrs old
  • Stone Age Art
    Try your hand at Primitive Art including chalk carving and using pigments and natural brushes to paint different scenes and surfaces. £15pp. 60mins. 3+ yrs old
  • Paleo Cooking
    Take part in cooking like our ancestors. Use smoke to preserve food and a ground pit oven to roast a feast for you to enjoy. Meat and Veg used £20pp. 2-4hrs. All ages. Under 7 yrs old must be accompanied. (Minimum 3 people a session)
A selection of the primitave throwing projectiles, including speas and boomerangs

Courses run by Ray Noakes, a creative soul who wants to share his knowledge and passion for our ancestors. He has been learning ancient bushcraft skills for many years to go along with his art background which go hand in hand. Ray runs courses at events and festivals around the country under the name of Primitive Projectile Workshops and brings this experience to Sweffling Hall Farm for you to enjoy. Ray wishes for you to take away with you new skills as well as an appreciation of the natural world and of tribal nomadic peoples. Everything we do is focused and incorporated into nature, art and expressing a deep connection to the earth. All materials provided and included in prices.

Please contact Ray as soon as possible to book onto a course by email on or phone 07521 302141

Our Honesty Shop

The honesty shop is there to provide you with those little things you may have forgotten or simply run out of, without having to leave the site!

All items in the shop are payable on site using an honesty tab which can be settled at the end of your stay. The honesty shop can take cash or card.

Inside you will find:

Fire making shelfs:

  • Fire Logs
  • Fire lighters
  • 2 kg bag kindling
  • Tea lights
  • Matches
  • Mystical fire
  • Clipper bbq lighter
  • Wood chip smoking

Souvenirs shelf:

  • Homemade craft items
  • About Birdwatching kit
  • About Trees kit
  • About Bugs kit
  • Sundials tube kit
  • Knots tube kit
  • Tracks tube kit
  • Kite in a bag

Drinks Fridge:

  • Local Apple Juice
  • Small water bottles
  • Fizzy drinks bottles
  • Large water bottles
  • Sheets of ice

Meat Freezer:

  • BBQ pack
  • Pork steaks
  • 8-pack sausages
  • 6-pack bacon rashers

Treats shelf:

  • Marshmallows
  • Galaxy hot chocolate sachet
  • Freddo chocolates
  • Sherbert tubs
  • Ice lolly
  • Chocolate digestives (for s'mores)
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