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Glamping Activities for Kids – Outdoor Games

Posted by Luci Ackers
Family fun at Glamping campsite
Family fun at Glamping campsite

We believe that getting away from the trappings of everyday modern life is one of the best things about a glamping holiday. Disconnecting from the endless barrage of work, emails and to-do lists will allow you to get the best from your break, and time outside with the family is the perfect antidote.

Everything about our glamping sites has been designed to immerse you and your family in the peace, quiet and natural beauty of the British countryside, so look forward to leaving the daily grind behind and going wild outdoors.

With this in mind, we’ve gathered some of our favourite family games to play outside on your glamping holiday, with options for kids large and small.

Hunt it out

Create a treasure or scavenger hunt for your kids by hiding bits and pieces of glamping gear in and around your camp. Make a list of what’s missing, set a boundary for the search area and watch them go! If you have extra time to put your glamping games together, try composing some clues as to the whereabouts of your hidden items and create a trail for the family to follow.

Alternatively, ask the kids to find objects from around the glamping site beginning with each letter of the alphabet, one by one.

Children discovering nature looking under a log

Get musical

Play a twist on the old classic of musical chairs by swapping chairs for sleeping bags. Lay the sleeping bags out in a circle, with one less than the number of people playing, and move around them while the music plays. When the music stops, it’s a mad scramble to get into one of the sleeping bags before the other players.  

This is a great outdoor game for older children but be warned, it can get a little physical! The best thing? The fact that your glamping tent comes complete with beds and bed linen means that you won’t have to use a sleeping bag full of grass come bedtime.

Buckets of laughs

Ideal for a hot summer day, this glamping game is a great way to cool down! You’ll need four buckets and two smaller plastic jugs. Split the family into two teams, fill two of the buckets with water and place them at one end of the glamping site.

Put the other two empty buckets at the other end, opposite the first two and line up the teams next to the full buckets. The aim of the game is for each team to transfer the water in their full bucket to their empty one, using just the small jug. Staying dry is not an option!

Fire pit fun

It wouldn’t be a holiday in the great outdoors without time spent around the fire pit. As the evening draws in, gather the family, grab some blankets and hot chocolate and play a classic glamping game, such as Chinese whispers or twenty questions. 

Children with dad toasting marshmallows over fire

Creating a family story is always fun too; choose one person to start you off with a story opening, something like, ‘Once upon a time, there was a badger who loved roller skating…’ The next person adds the next part of the story and away you go. Before you know it, you’ll have a tale worthy of a bestseller, or at least plenty of giggles! 

Discover more ways to get youngsters enjoying the outdoors by taking a look at our guides on den building, trail finding and hide and seek.

Take a look at our brilliant Ultimate Guide to Glamping for tips, ideas and what to bring with you when you come.


Luci Ackers - author for Lantern & Larks
Author: Luci Ackers

Luci loves getting out and about for a good cycle ride or easy-going walks in the countryside, and thoroughly enjoyed the time she previously spent working for the National Trust. Her love of writing started from a young age and on rainy days nothing beats curling up in a secret corner with a good book.

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