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The romance of glamping in 5 ways

Posted by Luci Ackers

There’s something so intrinsically romantic about a night spent under canvas; knowing that the stars are twinkling above you as you drift off into the best sleep of your life. The problem with camping is’s simply not that comfortable. You’re just that bit too close to nature sometimes – how many of us have heard stories about uninvited creatures entering the tent (be it a spider, a frog or a wandering cow) or getting soaked through on a rainy night? 

Glamping, on the other hand, is the cosy and warm alternative – you’re still under canvas, but with a marshmallow duvet pulled up around you and a steaming mug of hot chocolate in your hand – with no rogue blades of grass in sight. 

It’s no wonder that glamping has become such a phenomenon, but exactly what is it that endears it to us so much? 

A sentimental journey

Glamping allows us to walk down memory lane, to remember those successful and not so successful camping trips of our youth; it’s a hugely sentimental activity. Even though our tents are fully equipped with the essentials, there’s something about this kind of holiday that’s akin to stepping back in time. Perhaps it's the log burning stove, open fire, or maybe it’s our pretty locations which make you feel like you are a 1,000 miles away from ‘real life’. No matter what causes it, many of our guests find themselves reminiscing and enjoying the warm familiarity that comes with reliving the past a little.  

Getting away from it all 

On the subject of our locations, that remoteness is another reason why glamping is so beloved. While a swanky hotel break is lovely, you’re still surrounded by hundreds of other people and your day is often dictated by meal times or when the front door is locked. Not so with glamping. You can come and go as you please and don’t need to engage with another person if you so desire. There’s no WIFI at our sites and the mobile coverage may not be as strong as you receive at home – which means that it’s the perfect opportunity to get away from the demands and stresses of daily life. Work can’t get through and you won’t be able to ‘just check my emails’. This is one time when you can just relax and enjoy yourself.

It’s a family affair

Many of us recall times when we went camping with our families and had endless fun (mostly). As we grow up, however, you no longer want to a) sleep on the ground or b) go on holiday with your parents. Until you yourself become a parent. It’s lovely to take the children camping and is even better if nanny and grandad can come along. 

Where camping in the traditional sense might not be an option, glamping offers the perfect solution – camping with comfort. While not implying your parents are old or infirm, glamping does provide them with a proper bedroom and room to stand, so there’s no need to stoop, nor risk tripping over guy ropes. 

Essentially, glamping is a way to recreate those family holidays and to make new, lasting lovely memories that your children will carry with them forever.

Spend a little time together

On that note, you’ll find that glamping also enables families to actually spend more time with each other – quality time. You’re far more likely to eat meals at the table together, talk amongst yourselves and enjoy group entertainment, like board games. That’s a refreshing change from eating on the run or whiling the evening away in separate rooms.

It’s not just families this applies to; it allows groups of friends to reconnect without those unwelcome interruptions from electronic devices. Get a bottle of wine, sit on the terrace and just enjoy the evening.

Pure romance

And finally there’s the actual romance associated with glamping. More often than not, it’s the small gestures that make all the difference – a swanky hotel and Michelin-starred meal are very nice, but having your favourite dish prepared (regardless of the result) for you on a stove by the one you love, is priceless and oh-so romantic. Snuggling up, far away from anyone else, perhaps with just the flickering glow of some candles – how much more romantic can it get?

There you have it, a few reasons why we’ve grown to love glamping so much. If you’d like to test its romantic appeal, then why not take a look yourself?

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Luci Ackers - author for Lantern & Larks
Author: Luci Ackers

Luci loves getting out and about for a good cycle ride or easy-going walks in the countryside, and thoroughly enjoyed the time she previously spent working for the National Trust. Her love of writing started from a young age and on rainy days nothing beats curling up in a secret corner with a good book.

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